• Pedagogical philosophy


     We encourage and value:
    • The personal journey to develop and master the voice itself.
    • Curiosity, interest and an eagerness to learn
    • Routine practice and training
    • Solidarity, fellowship in learning and team spirit. 
    • Everyone has the skills to sing.
    • Each student has their own learning curve that depends on different variables
    • Each person is unique and has particular needs and aspirations.
    • Music is to share, dialogue, and respect the work of others.
    • Music is to enjoy.
      Pedagogical goals:
    • Learn all the musical parameters involved in the interpretation of a song, such as  the physiology of the voice as well as  the interpretative elements and music shape. 
    • Keep in touch and up to date with scientific news and research about the voice
    • Expand the repertoire, create new ambitions and understand that we can sing in different styles.
    • Learn the appropriate technical language of the voice.
  • ANATOMY of the voice





  • training

    Explore your voice!

    Warm Ups

    Singing Production

    • Pitch
    • Dynamics
    • Timbre
    • Lenght
    • Lyrics
    • Body movements

    Music Analysis

  • History of music

    History of Music

    • Books
    • Videos

     Style/ Techniques

    Performative vocal options


    The best known songs per period

    • Books
    • Videos
  • Education and Research

    Recommended academic info

    Books & Papers

    The best anatomy, pedagogy, physics, speech therapy and musicology literature to improve your singing learning process.


    Conferences to learn and research more about the voice


    Conservatories, Universities, Associations specialized in vocal production and research.

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